The Jubilee Allstars – When I'm All Alone

Another case of wasted talent but as the McCormack siblings readily admit the Jubilee Allstars were often their own worst enemies. Live shows were shambolic and the laissez-faire attitude extended to their songwriting which meant that the best stuff was sometimes left behind. That said they left a sprinkling of golden moments before the end in 2005. And ‘When I’m All Alone’ is certainly one of them. It’s taken from their ‘By The End of the Night’ EP from 1996 which was released on Lakota Records. The EP had the dual distinction of being feted by the great Peel in the sky and also became a Melody Maker single of the week. There is a lot to admire in the bands casual approach that in lesser hands could have fallen apart on tape. Instead ‘When I’m All Alone’ is heartfelt as if played out during a genuine moment of loneliness. The momentum while never propulsive manages to approach vigour with the joyful intensity normally associated with that of a newborn fawn. KD

The Jubilee Allstars – When I’m All Alone

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Year: 1996

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