Annuals – Brother

Even though this song made it into a lofty 35th position on this site’s top 42 of 2006 (won’t feel it until the 2007 version, am getting nervous as it hasn’t been a vintage year) I’ve never sought fit to spam about it until now. ‘Brother’ is the work of a group of multi-instrumental nippers lead by Adam Baker and at 3:43 is seems much too short to adequately advertise all the ideas being thrown about. Put this sort of work in the hands of say Do Make Say Think and you’d have a classy centrepiece yet Baker and Co. let it fade before it’s fully exploited. To be critical would be to try and knock a near masterpiece however. ‘Brother’ sits amongst its siblings on Annuals debut ‘Be He Me’ just like one of the family. The thrills may be hard won but they are frequently engaging. Given that Annuals are from Raleigh, North Carolina maybe you should be on your bike to pick up this album. KD

Annuals – Brother

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Year: 2006

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  1. September 27, 2007

    great track about halfway through the whole thing explodes.

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