Buttonhead – Lucerne

Lock a chart aficionado in a padded cell for 24 hours with this on repeat and perhaps they’ll see the light. On the other hand there are probably laws against such radical treatments so don’t attempt this with any square family members. Instead you could slip this song into their consciousness at opportune moments. Not all at once mind as there is far too much going on for the innocent bystander to absorb. Buttonhead are from London and their ‘Lucerne’ is most likely from the outer reaches of the galaxy. It can be close to infantile at times but rather than boring us adults it engenders a lust for life. Just warning you though, I am saying all this after a clutch of listens that bore reactions that ranged from frustration to downright exhilaration. Where your opinion will rest is open to question but while you decide Buttonhead will hopefully have found a replacement for Thomas Fuglesang who is now spending all his time with his other band ‘Infants’ (hmmm). KD

Buttonhead – Lucerne

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Year: 2007

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