Charlotte Gainsbourg – Songs That We Sing

She will probably forever be remembered for who her father is (Serge, her mother is Jane Birkin with whom he ‘starred’ with on ‘Je T’aime… Moi Non Plus’) or by her movie roles (The Science of Sleep, Jane Eyre) but that would be a shame because as well as all that Charlotte Gainsbourg is also a fine music artist. Her 2nd album appeared last year, a full 2 decades after her debut. ‘5:55’ has some pedigree, the music was directed by Air’s Nicolas Godin and Jean-Benoît Dunckel, the lyrics dreamed up by Neil Hannon and Jarvis Cocker and the whole thing was pulled together by Radiohead’s producer Nigel Godrich. ‘Songs That We Sing’ was the lead single and proved to be a lush vehicle for Gainsbourg’s elegant and smart vocals. It has huge scope and would clearly fill any movie scene were it to make its way onto celluloid. KD

Charlotte Gainsbourg – Songs That We Sing

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Year: 2006

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  1. Nik
    September 20, 2007

    after checking the lyrics, I started to go into a diatribe against fearmongers, corrupt governments, etc. but I’d be preaching to the choir – we’re all living it.still I need to ask: does all this surveillance and security contribute to the fear and suspicion?after seeing a website devoted to listings of neighborhood informers, I have to wonder where this is all going.

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