Eagle Seagull – I'm Sorry But I'm Beginning To Hate Your Face

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In what is as close as you’ll get to an mp3hugger exclusive (thanks Matthias) here is a track from Eagle Seagull’s (see also Eagle*Seagull eager googlers) forthcoming sophomore ‘The Year of the How-To Book’ and I’m sure you’ll find it pretty nifty. Boasting a smattering of likeable ingredients it gets all seductive towards the finale to leave the sweetest of bitter aftertastes. ‘I’m Sorry But I’m Beginning To Hate Your Face’ will find favour with the jaded-with-romance generation but it’s the lolloping momentum that will draw an expectant rabble to the dancefloor. In fact the bulbous basslines, Eli Mardock’s curved pronouncements and the general sense of instrumental abandon should ensure that Eagle Seagull’s most gilded flight of fancy to date will cast some very powerful spotlights in their direction. Watch them fly. KD

Eagle Seagull – I’m Sorry But I’m Beginning To Hate Your Face

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Buy Album: [UK] Eagle Seagull [US] Eagle Seagull
Year: 2007

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