Elbow – Forget Myself

Somewhat incredibly Elbow supported Snow Patrol in Manchester last December. This is probably more down to the fact that the band are Mancunians than a direct result of their ‘up tempo’ last album ‘Leaders of the Free World’. We love Elbow, as much for their arch miserabilism as their dedication to always seeing fit to include a slice of melody. But, things changed (slightly) when songs like ‘Forgot Myself’ sounded as if Guy Garvey had suddenly arrived with a pep in his step. No longer shall he trudge through the weightier issues that dominate his creative mind. Perhaps that’s the effect of working with the likes of Editors (probably not though) after Garvey had produced their debut album. Then again it’s probably just a temporary ray of sunshine after which Elbow will once again entertain our waking hours with their dark memories from the night before. Elbow are currently in the studio working on their 4th album. KD

Elbow – Forget Myself

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Year: 2005

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  1. September 25, 2007

    I love Guy et al’s work on ‘Leaders..’. That album is a journey into sonic elation and disappointment. ‘Picky B*stard’ is the only tune that I can’t listen to. Can recommend the special version of the album with free ‘Making Of’ dvd. Great stuff

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