Las Vegas Basement – Mr. Lane

Of course there are going to be the inevitable Beatles comparisons thrown at Dublin’s Las Vegas Basement but despite their derivative ways you’ve got applaud a near precise take on the art. The quartet released their debut ‘End of an Era’ in 2002 through Mundy’s Camcor Records and quickly disappeared without trace. The album is never less than a pleasant listen, perhaps low on original thought processes but sprinkled with memorable hooks and harmonies (and it never harmed Jellyfish did it?). The follow up has been a long time coming and given the dearth of quality Irish releases at the moment it is badly needed. ‘Mr. Lane’ drips with psychedelia, sweet coos, one-dimensional yet utterly appropriate hammond and a note perfect reconstruction of the sound of 1967. For those who don’t get it, that is you can’t, you know, tune in it’s gonna be all right. KD

Las Vegas Basement – Mr. Lane

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Year: 2002

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