The Cave Singers – Seeds of Night

I have loved juicy bass lines ever since ‘early Verve/Jah Wobble on Screamadelica’ in the 90’s showed what could be achieved. So I was suckered into loving ‘Seeds of Night’ almost straight away (that and the fact that the band use a washboard and melodica in some of their tunes). Right now I’ve gone through about half a dozen listens and I’m slowly beginning to appreciate how special the Cave Singers might be. Their debut ‘Invitation Songs’ is about to premier on Matador and by this taster I’ll be returning my RSVP before you can say ‘Higher Than The Sun’. ‘Seeds of Night’ pops out all over the place with slick quirkyness, one moment it is as regular as a heartbeat, the next it is showing the effects of years of greasy breakfast rolls. If I was a DJ this would be the closer every Saturday night, by then the well oiled crowd could make a good fist at the sort of schizophrenic moves required to shimmer in unison. TKD

The Cave Singers – Seeds of Night

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Year: 2007

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