The Medalist – Less Is More But I'm Not Sure

‘Less Is More But I’m Not Sure’ is what the Medalist decided to call it and at 1 minute 36 seconds we might just about nod in agreement. For the short time it buzzes along the thrills are plain to see; whether it be the softly tilted chords, the close harmonies or Jonas Hägglund’s indie boy vocals. That name should tell you that they come from the current home of all things indie pop Sweden. The quartet have had a short existence but they’ve already caught the eye of stateside based Cloudberry Records who have released the bands debut single ‘Landslides’. If more is more (I’m pretty sure) then you should head over to the Medalist’s myspace where you can download a couple of other songs. KD

The Medalist – Less Is More But I’m Not Sure

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More Info: Official & Myspace
Buy The Single: Landslides
Year: 2007

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