Verve – All In The Mind

You may or may not know it but Wigan’s most famous band had recorded their best work well before ‘Bitter Sweet Symphony’ made them stars. In fact if they’d put a full stop after a raft of early EP’s and their miraculous debut ‘A Storm In Heaven’ then they could have attained the aura that surrounds the first Stone Roses album. Back then the drugs certainly did work and often manifested itself in several blissed out psychedelic classics like ‘All In The Mind’. At a point where Richard Ashcroft’s substantial mop outweighed his frame he and his chief foot soldier Nick McCabe were able to summon up grand aural spectacles. The music was big, bold and startlingly unique. The unfortunate thing is that such a singular prospect only found fame on the back of an old classic and a clutch of other worthwhile yet ultimately dull compositions. (The) Verve return this winter for a series of sold out UK gigs and are thought to be recording a batch of new material. KD

Verve – All In The Mind

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Year: 1992

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