Bellman – Spaceship, Move Slow!

Arne-J Rauan and a few others from Larvik in Norway play in a band called Bellman. Nothing too astounding about that but once you hear ‘Spaceship, Move Slow!’ you’ll probably be like me hanging on every factoid about this collective. The details are sketchy at best at the moment but I sense a robust and meticulously researched wiki entry once their debut drops this winter. ‘Spaceship, Move Slow!’ is a pert little thing, atmospheric, almost alien in nature (!) with it’s slowly revealing charms befitting the sort of addictive late night pleasures it will doubtlessly inspire. File under that yellow folder marked x-files. KD

Bellman – Spaceship, Move Slow!

More Info: Official & Myspace
Buy Songs: Soon
Year: 2007

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