Choir of Young Believers – Apart

Ok, I am really going off on a tangent tonight. For this evening alone I will discard a natural tendency for jangling pop wonders and instead focus on something a tad meatier. This time the music comes from Copenhagen but was conceived by solo artist Jannis Noya Makrigiannis, who trades under the Choir of Young Believers, after creative stints in Berlin and a small Greek village. As growers go what Makrigiannis produces is akin to a Mendocino. Initially you’ll flap about for your kicks but this one takes a good deal of time to ferment. And when it does you’ll drink copiously from the sonic stew. ‘Apart’ directs its overwhelming passion through discrete prisms of noise, catching you off guard along the way and rendering all other distractions in this fast moving world totally defunct. KD

Choir of Young Believers – Apart

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Year: 2007

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