Dan Deacon – The Crystal Cat

I think it’s fair to say Dan Deacon is comfortable in his own skin. And why shouldn’t he be allowed to wear outlandish gear when he can pull songs as wildly electrifying as ‘Crystal Cat’ from his innards. You’ll read much about Deacon’s famed live shows but even if you are scared to go outside the door his new album ‘Spiderman of the Rings’ can supply you with the inside track. The most pronounced example of Deacon’s genius can be heard on the dance insanity that is ‘The Crystal Cat’. Deacon keeps his vocal in line for a bit before unleashing his strangled Daffy Duck impression that may take a bit of getting used to. As you attempt to weld your severed listening nodes back together again witness how the rest of your body has swung into a routine not unlike an overloaded twin tub. And the best news is that Deacon and the ace Videohippos are hitting Irish shores late next month. Could be the perfect introduction to the mayhem of the holiday season. In the meantime put this sigue sigue in your spudnik. KD

Dan Deacon – The Crystal Cat

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Year: 2007

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