Elephant Parade – Goodbye

Could Brooklyn be the new Sweden? Just about now there are more bands spilling out of that neighbourhood than anywhere else. Elephant Parade are a boy/girl combo with a lo-fi aesthetic which saw them recording their debut album in the comfortable surroundings of several New York bedrooms. That description and you can pretty much picture how it’s going to sound. The catch is that no matter how many times they play their calling card it’s impossible not be enamoured. Estelle has been with us before with Human Television and her voice seems to have been made to tip toe around fragile instrumentation. ‘Goodbye’ is perhaps as technicolor as Elephant Parade get with the playful organ challenging the sweet vocals for the most precious ingredient award. Sadly this fragile piece of music is over before the 90-second mark so to compensate ‘For You’ is also included here. File under bedroom recordings to rock you to sleep. KD

Elephant Parade – Goodbye all is not lost

Elephant Parade – For You all is not lost

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Year: 2006

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  1. October 21, 2007

    this is adorable. thanks for sharing! and for not just posting the same old shit.

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