Jacob Golden – On A Saturday

Perhaps I am getting older but the more life ticks by the more I find myself falling for the sound acoustic troubadours make. Whereas once I would have discarded anything resembling a snotty short-trousered balladeer with his stories of unrequited love I now let them have their say before casting judgement. The most recent to pass the test with flying colours is Jacob Golden from down Oregon way. Quite how he manages to continually invent with just the basics of the trade is one of life’s sweet mysteries but his burning talent is there for all to see on his new album ‘Revenge Songs’. The album is for the most part low ebbed and atmospheric yet it is a wildly exciting listen. And to think that many of the songs on show are little more than demos pieced together in scattered bedrooms. If you are one of privileged few to have fallen for the sadly departed Matthew Jay then there are likely to be more than crumbs of comfort in this immaculate new talent. KD

Jacob Golden – On A Saturday

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Year: 2007

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