Jon Hardy & The Public – Cassius Clay

Reading Jon Hardy’s story made me happy and then it made me sad. There is certainly less emotional drainage in listening to his hushed music and that’s what I am going to concentrate on for this paragraph. But, then again ‘Cassius Clay’ isn’t exactly ideal material to back up a casual trot through the Sunday newspapers. Melancholy just seeps from its melodious spine, the male/female (I can’t stop hearing Ricky Ross from Deacon Blue in his voice) dynamics create a sense of deep loss and the effect could likely have you welling up like me just now as I tissue a battered keyboard. But, that’s music in a nutshell, pretty much disposable unless it has some effect on you whether it be to make you smile, give you the goosebumps, have you dancing or in this case wishing that Jon Hardy and his band can someday be venerated at rock’s highest altar. KD

Jon Hardy & The Public – Cassius Clay all is not lost

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Year: 2007

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