Little Big Adventure – The Easiest Thing

Not the game, more the one man army from Northern Europe. Little Big Adventure (previously Penny Century) uses a ‘mediocrity is me’ tagline on his myspace page, hmmm, a pessimist in an industry rife with egos is something to embrace I suppose. Little Big Adventure pedals a neat line in down tempo electronica that often transforms itself into a bold and brave sound. In fact ‘The Easiest Thing’ has the potential to be a discerning dancefloor favourite were such a thing to exist. It might not stack up that linear yet its grooves are at least a match for anything the Knife or Royksopp could invent and you know how good they are. Little Big Adventure doesn’t like to give much away apart from a raft of mp3’s which are evenly spread throughout his near wordless site. For once the music is left to do all the talking. KD

Little Big Adventure – The Easiest Thing

More Info: Official & Myspace
Year: 2007

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