Ola Podrida – Cindy

Brooklyn bound again dear readers even if Ola Podrida’s mainman David Wingo comes from much further south. For the most part his laid back self-titled debut is not much more than a whispered tale over a bed of acoustically manoeuvred guitar strings. For those who find this sort of prospect a tad wearisome it must be remarked that Wingo has a masters degree in making the unremarkable sound fresh and interesting. And there are times like on ‘Cindy’ when he even leaves his rocking chair to wig out in a whirlwind of activity (see also ‘Lost and Found’). ‘Cindy’ starts out like most of ‘Old Podrida’ all hushed and moody reminding one of Iron and Wine. But, Sam Beam’s beard is soon dispensed with amid a charging cavalcade of instrumentation that tops off Wingo’s slightly raised wails. This is akin to a breath of fresh air in the unrelenting midday heat of a Texan desert. KD

Ola Podrida – Cindy

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Year: 2007

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