Peter Adams – The Seventh Seal

Makes you feel a bit inadequate when you happen upon artists like Peter Adams. Barely into his twenties Adams has an uncanny knack for knocking together splendid collections of songs. His star is in the ascendancy and when it finally hangs at its highest point in the sky it will outshine all others. ‘The Seventh Seal’ is evidence enough for his eventual world domination, glory in that voice (Kelly Jones without the annoyingly laboured husk factor), bask in the string arrangements (he has been playing the violin since he was 3) and revel in an idiosyncratic song structure (there’s gold in them thar rainbows) that announces a burgeoning talent about to explode. It is taken from Adams in-between record ‘Conversation With The Moon’ as a prelude to his next full length (his debut ‘The Spiral Eyes’ came out in 2005). Gasp, I almost choked. KD

Peter Adams – The Seventh Seal

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Year: 2007

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