Ravens and Chimes – General Lafayette! You Are Not Alone

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Ravens and Chimes are about to unleash their debut album ‘Reichenbach Falls’ on the world and the world better fasten its seatbelt. Like any self-respecting whippersnappers Ravens and Chimes fly out of the traps with unbridled energy creating a sound that is both spontaneous and full of fresh thinking. Wim Butler and Co. have certainly had an influence but when you are drawing from a blueprint so luminous the possibilities are almost endless. ‘General Lafayette! You Are Not Alone’ is a soothing ointment for ears fatigued by daytime radio appearing like an out of control firework. The joyous energy is immediately apparent but Ravens and Chimes greatest trick is the way they fasten sweet spots inside the hidden detours that only become apparent after careful inspection. Belt up and enjoy the ride. KD

Ravens and Chimes – General Lafayette! You Are Not Alone

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Year: 2007

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