Swivel Chairs – Easy Now

Imagine toiling away in the music industry for 15 years and then having to pick up the courage to create a myspace page. Must take enormous self-belief and a deep love for creating music and for that reason alone Swivel Chairs must be applauded. And that’s all before you even hear the honeyed melodies that spill from their current record ‘The Slow Transmission’. Jeremy Grites and Jason Brown musical journey started out in a dorm room way back in 1992 and over the intervening period they happened upon a beautiful sound that defines their latest LP. Easy on the ears this is the sort of charming pop that should be on radio playlists the world over. But as we all know the world is a cruel place and most playlist makers tend to be cloth eared gombeens. ‘Easy Now’ drifts in and out of alt country yet the harmonies wouldn’t sound out of place on a stellar Teenage Fanclub album. KD

Swivel Chairs – Easy Now

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Year: 2007

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