Test Icicles – What's Your Damage (Remix)

If you don’t know by now Test Icicles were dropped or decided to drop from view and are no more. The surprising thing is that this happened early last year and I’ve just found out. The reason, well with a name like that (they were previously called Balls) I didn’t think they were worth the effort. Foolish me, ‘What’s Your Damage’ is utterly brilliant even if the tune I’ve fallen for is an elaborate Alan Braxe and Fred Falke remix of their single ‘What’s Your Damage’. In fact this take is several planets away from the original, being bolstered by an inspired trance like forage, a mammoth hairy beat and blood thirsty rabid vocals. For a band so seemingly in touch with the power of the internet Test Icicles have left little or no official trace apart from a random Wiki and their Domino page. They will be remembered though (in these ears anyway) for their collaborators truly lucid moment of genius. KD

Test Icicles – What’s Your Damage (Remix)

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Year: 2006

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