The Capitol Years – Let Them Drink

If you’re searching for a cushion for your senses this bright Sunday morning then you should try this particularly comfy one for size. Philadelphia’s the Capitol Years are pretty much a perfect fit actually because they like to drench their ditties in sucrose harmonies. And why rush onwards to the chorus when the bridge can be just as disarmingly beautiful. You’ll appreciate the Capitol Years even more because they are giving their first 2 albums away free (you can donate something if you must, what a novel idea). Before you do that though just bask in the warm summer haze of ‘Let Them Drink’. Analysing the sweetness you’ll spot that there are only 2 moving parts, the acoustically drawn chords and Shai Halperin’s sixties tinged vocals. This is a sound that just hovers in the air majestically like a hummingbird with a beak filled with nectar. KD

The Capitol Years – Let Them Drink

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Year: 2006

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