The Crayon Fields – Do It First

You just can’t beat a twee bit of indie pop. Descendants of the Beach Boys and masters of the glockenspiel the Crayon Fields are that rare breed that follow in the same vein as the Boy Least Likely To but whose audio alcopops never taste icky after several servings. Led by Geoff O’Connor the Melbourne quartet sound remarkably young yet they have 5 years playing together behind them already. ‘Animal Bells’, their debut, only appeared in Europe this summer and it’s a wonder we’ve survived so long without it. ‘Do It First’ has an effortless swagger, that drains vital ingredients from the musical heritage of the Monkees, the Byrds and Brian Wilson’s crew. The result is wonderfully executed pristine pop that retains a wide-eyed sense of adventure that should see the Crayon Fields plough even richer pastures on the follow up. KD

The Crayon Fields – Do It First

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Year: 2007

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