The Crimea – Loop a Loop

Ever wondered what a lottery winner on acid would be like? Thought not, but for the curious you can find all the answers on this Camden 5-piece’s debut album ‘Tragedy Rocks’. Despite producing a hit single the Crimea were dropped by their label soon after the album came out. Their reaction was typical for a band who have were once called the Crockettes, they decided to give their sophomore away for nowt. And as you know the best things in life are free which makes the ‘Secrets of the Witching Hour’ one of the albums of the year. Davey MacManus’s voice may take a little getting used to but you’ll soon learn to cherish the little bugger as well as the sometimes baggy instrumentation. ‘Loop a Loop’ is one of my favourites, it just charms its way into your world much like a newborn puppy. Believe me you’ll be singing along to this by the end of the evening but make sure the kids are in bed before you do owing to lyrics like ‘Throw another small child on the fire. I’m trying to build an empire.’ You can download ‘Secrets of the Witching Hour’ here and be glad that you don’t even have to pay an admin fee. Almost 67,000 people have done so already. Label schmable. KD

The Crimea – Loop a Loop

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Year: 2007

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