The Frames – Dance The Devil Back Into His Hole

Glen Hansard has poured over half his life into the Frames but they have yet to taste success on the international stage. His acting work on the other hand, while minimal in quantity, has seen him star in the popular yet hugely overrated ‘The Commitments’ and the more recent indie production ‘Once’. The latter has been become a sleeper hit and its success seems to be gathering momentum. The evidence thusfar has tended to prove that Hansard’s celluloid appearances have had little sales impact on the Frames impressive back catalogue. Here is a band that are Irish to the core, boasting a devout set of fans but an equally large set of divisive detractors. Much of the animosity is as a result of Hansard himself who has a painful propensity for veering between awkward sentimentality and oily ego whenever he opens his mouth. But, that shouldn’t detract from what is an attractive musical proposition, one that has on occasion produced stone cold classics (‘For The Birds’ and live album ‘Setlist’ are near faultless). That and the bands periodic wondrous descents into all things Willy Wonka, as exampled in this marathon of a song ‘Dance The Devil Back Into His Hole’. KD

The Frames – Dance The Devil Back Into His Hole

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Year: 1999

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  1. Jim Dubh
    November 3, 2007

    In you opinion, are The Frames less of a band for not achieving international recognition?

  2. Jim Dubh
    November 6, 2007

    Worth a go, sir. Worth a go. Will employ greater subtlety next time.

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