The One AM Radio – Coming Back

This song crept up on me late last night just as I was about to pack it in. It is short yet carries enough sweetness in its lifetime to fill a thousand letters to Santa. Hrishikesh Hirway is the One AM Radio and is based out of Los Angelus. His biggest achievement to date has been the use of his song ‘What You Gave Away’ for a Pontiac advert. ‘Coming Back’ (taken from this years ‘This Too Shall Pass’ album) doesn’t initially give off any indication of the what lies ahead, namely the sort of sound that will floor you for it’s sheer crystallised beauty. Hirway sings as if he’s trying not to wake up a neighbourhood of babies, hushed and gentle it is a soothing partner for the effervescent instrumentation, which could likely melt before it even reaches your ear. KD

The One AM Radio – Coming Back

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Year: 2007

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