Thurston Moore – Fri/End

If ever a man was made to do the job he does it is Thurston Moore. Seemingly ageless his slacker sense of style never looks awkward on a man who is well into his late forties. His band Sonic Youth have enough songs to fill a decent sized hard drive and for the most part the quality is high. Despite a deep groundswell of love for the group they have never moved beyond the sidelines, in fact at this stage you couldn’t even call them impact subs. That said they continually rewrite their own unblotted copybook, even going so far as adopting a fresh melodic approach over the last few albums. And now we have Thurston going out on a limb with a solo album (not his first mind, ‘Psychic Hearts’ came out way back in 1995) that confirms his new found love for the sweeter side of an underground seam he virtually dug himself. ‘Trees Outside The Academy’ has a fluffy welcome mat at its door so even those who shy away from frenetic feedback invention will be enamoured. ‘Fri/End’ is the happy go lucky promo from the album that sees Moore in particularly jaunty humour. The chords dance a merry jig while the string section ferret about like a squirrel just minutes before winter hibernation. So Thurston has finally dropped the dirty and in the process become Moore the merrier. KD

Thurston Moore – Fri/End

Watch The Video To SY’s Bull In The Heather

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Year: 2007

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