Aleko – Pure Malevolence

I like me some electronic music from time to time. It works like a refreshing sonic earwash when the guitars get tiresome. The thing about electronic music, however, is the difficulty in trying to describe it. So often there are no defined angles from which to hang some elegant prose. So when acts like Dublin’s Aleko’s produce pieces like ‘Pure Malevolence’ it’s better to use more vivid if less concrete descriptions. This is the sound of a honey-laden bee lost in a particularly furry faced amplifier. The channels of escape are few and far between and the routes resemble the territory Luke had to navigate on his way to downing the Death Star. During its harsh incarceration a DJ with an allergy to bee stings feeds ‘Autobahn’ through the speakers to pound the tiny animate object. In a frantic effort to escape the now dying insect forages gamely, his wings producing a sweet noise to counter the pure malevolence of the now grinning DJ. Aleko were at Whelans that night and so impressed were they with the critters fight for life that they wrote this song in its honour. KD

Aleko – Pure Malevolence

More Info: Official & Myspace
Buy Songs: Debut EP on the way…
Year: 2007

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