Epo-555 – Maid In China

Where are they going with a name like that, perhaps popularity will bring the theorists to their door and reveal all? For the moment Epo-555 come from Copenhagen and inhabit a space where Mew would probably congregate were they to add a poppier angle to their collective genius. ‘Maid In China’ is taken from their second album ‘Mafia’ and displays all the gifts of a band in full creative flow. There are nods to the 80’s electro movement and the beats are all old style New Order yet when that effervescent chorus kicks in time just stands still and the future unfurls before your eyes. This should be on every European radio playlist but I guess Boyzone have announced they are reforming and will all the help they can get to sell a few tickets. KD

Epo-555 – Maid In China

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Year: 2006

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