Feu Th̩r̬se РLes D̩serts Des Azurs

When Jonathan Parant’s old band because less airborne he decided it was time for something different. So he enlisted a couple of buddies and swiftly branded the collective as Feu Thérèse. Constellation Records got wind and the 1st album promptly appeared. And now 2 years later, the follow up ‘Ça Va Cogner’ has arrived. Feu Thérèse could be easily lumped in with Malajube because they are both Canadian, write/converse in French and have an intelligent way around electronic music making devices. In fact their sounds are both edgy and exhilarating so I’m going to do the easy thing. ‘Les Déserts Des Azurs’ is primarily instrumental in nature and divorces itself from the general 70’s electro vibe of much of ‘Ça Va Cogner’ (‘Visage Sous Nylon’ could be a radical remix of ‘I Feel Love’ for God’s sake!). It ranges from mildly distracting to ‘let me climb upon on this rug and meditate about debut album Spiritualized’. KD

Feu Th̩r̬se РLes D̩serts Des Azurs

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Year: 2007

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