Gil Mantera's Party Dream – Chalklit Pyhe II

Gil Mantera’s Party Dream and Dan Deacon could possibly make up the wackiest line up in the history of modern music. But given the bonkers like nature it is somewhat soothing to know that both are capable of making mighty fine music that can be exhilarating or headache inducing depending on your mood. Well today I’d like nothing better than a big cup of synth produced church bells, a frantic 80’s beat and some vocals from someone who goes by the name of the Ultimate Donny (that’s Rich). As you can guess Party Dream are more than the music and a quick flick through their show pics reveals a tempting slice of madness going on whenever they climb into costume. Don’t hate me for thinking that ‘Chalklit Pyhe II’ could be very useful for the soundtrack to a movie where Scrooge is an ex-gurner who has fallen on hard times after his ecstasy dealer decided to take Christmas day off. Bottle this and the energy crisis becomes a thing of the past. KD

Gil Mantera’s Party Dream – Chalklit Pyhe II

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Year: 2006

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