Helen Stellar – You Glow From Within

Whether the pun in their name does them any favours is open to question but what’s not in doubt is the drama that flows from Helen Stellar. They’ve already had a brush with fame when director Cameron Crowe chose one of their songs (‘io’) for the soundtrack to his film ‘Elizabethtown’ (check out his fine credentials on ‘Vanilla Sky’). There is an edginess to Helen Stellar, an attitude that is too often absent from emerging bands. That, and the fact that they are capable of turning what could have been a straightforward strum into a rampaging torrent of fuzz that hasn’t been heard since Black Rebel Motorcycle’s eponymous LP. ‘You Glow From Within’ is executed with cool detachment, especially so with Jim Evens’ languid vocals which were more than likely delivered through a mushroom cloud of cigarette smoke. KD

Helen Stellar – You Glow From Within

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Year: 2006

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