Shannon Wright – St. Pete

To some the guitar chug at the centre of ‘St. Pete’ won’t mean much, to me it means everything. And looking back over the career of Shannon Wright it is perhaps possible to see how a girl who has toiled for over a decade in the music industry (including a scrape with Big Cat) is capable of delivering such an honest piece of music. Wright has been disillusioned with how many things have panned out but that didn’t stop her taking 3 years out of her life to record her latest album ‘Let In The Light’. She recorded most of the parts herself so the angst/sadness that seeps through on ‘St. Pete’ is undeniably her own. This is indie rock that has been distilled to its essential elements and in the process bravely unfurls an iconic banner that we can all fall in behind. KD

Shannon Wright – St. Pete

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Year: 2007

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  1. Anonymous
    November 28, 2007

    Such a great song. I can listen to it over and over and over.Also, Shannon is one of the greatest live performers I have ever seen – totally incredible.

  2. Anonymous
    August 6, 2008

    my favourite as well…suche simple and beautiful…and i cant describe why…

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