Surface of Atlantic – Lights Out

Been a bit since Montreal blew us away with an incendiary new band. For a while there it seemed as if every combo from that part of Canada had cracked the elusive code to writing great songs. Of late though, the flood has turned into a trickle even if there are promising signs of life. Surface of Atlantic are still perfecting their art, their recent debut LP ‘Ephemeral As We Speak’ was only their second ever release. It is an album of polished indie rock that has a penchant for intermittent effervescent bursts of activity. ‘Lights Out’ is one of the impressive highlights and it somehow conjures a victory without the need for a meaningful chorus. Snow Patrol may be a reference and if anything they offer a deeper emotional experience. Surface of Atlantic have undoubtedly got a bit to go, but don’t be surprised if this is the start of an epic voyage. KD

Surface of Atlantic – Lights Out

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Year: 2007

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