The Stone Roses – Shoot You Down (Soul Hooligan Remix)

It’s to the credit of the Stone Roses debut that no matter what tinkering is done to its faultless tunes through the endless remixes and mash ups over the years that the soul of the original songs still manage to shine through. That’s not to say that all of the cut and paste jobs have been disasters. Just last year Sam Flanagan took ‘Waterfall’ and ingeniously spiced it with Lily Allen’s ‘LDN’. The result was imaginative with Allen’s smart vocal gliding over the glacial Stone Roses music. This Soul Hooligan reworking of ‘Shoot You Down’ is less successful but has its own psychedelic charms. In fact it could be quite persuasive were it to be let loose on the right crowd at the moment the evening was about to go supersonic. Manchester woh-oh, Manchester. KD

The Stone Roses – Shoot You Down (Soul Hooligan Remix)

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Year: 1989

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