Those Dancing Days – Those Dancing Days

Given that the quintet from Nacka in Sweden called Those Dancing Days were only formed this year it seems like quite an achievement that they’ve already recorded a 5-track EP and got signed to a prestigious label (Wichita). Not too surprising when you spy on their geeky layout and scatty sound however. This is a perfectly unique band, intoxicated with quirky fashion and destined to take their Hammond sluiced vignettes to the mainstream. Singer Linnea Jönsson is the central focus yet there is so much to savour in the free-for-all instrumentation. ‘Those Dancing Days’ and ‘Hitten’ are the primary sonic wares until the bands debut album drops early next year. ‘Those Dancing Days’ is a hyperactive romp that will take root in the sussed clubs before it envelops a larger audience that will be totally sold on its dizzy appeal. KD

Those Dancing Days – Those Dancing Days

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Year: 2007

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