Eat – Shame

Led by Ange Dolittle (he could talk to the Pixies) Eat were a stop-start juggernaut that never really took off apart from some minor success in the UK. ‘Shame’ is taken from their 2nd and final album ‘Epicure’ and picked up a good deal of airplay on MTV in the early 1990’s. The songs’ colossal presence is immediately attractive and when you factor in the faultless production and an admirable disregard for conventional song structure you have a true champion of a tune. It was initially released as the lead track on the 1992 ‘Shame’ EP and you can certainly feel those ‘Nevermind’ rhythms filtering through (the video also gives clear hints of the timeline involved). ‘Shame’ is gloriously epic with supremely confident vocals from Dolittle which given his destructive drug habit at the time was an achievement in itself. A true 90’s classic. KD

Eat – Shame

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Year: 1992

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  1. Anonymous
    January 16, 2008

    the ultimate frontman in the ultimate band. still out there.

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