Microfilm – After Dark

You may remember I did a review on the brightly inventive duo Mikrofisch about a week ago. As a direct result of that post Matt Keppel from Microfilm got in touch and said I might be interested in his project because they were in some respects Microfisch’s electronic cousins. That got me interested and thinking about what a great place this online world is when out of the blue you can be served with a song as inspirational as ‘After Dark’. This is cool electronica to the core and retains a robotic infrastructure right down to its distorted voiceovers. ‘After Dark’ scuttles about with naked ambition and somehow succeeds in sounding both danceable and reflective. Microfilm are based in Chicago, a city with a rich history in progressive dance invention, yet they lean heavily on European inspirations. This may be a tad more aggressive than the Field but no less rewarding and marks this Chicago duo out as potentially one of dance’s new champions. Right now in the underworld a new orbital is forming. KD

Microfilm – After Dark

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Year: 2007

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