Mikrofisch – Let's Kiss And Listen To Bis

This goes out to anyone who was a fan of DIY pop in the mid 1990’s. I mean if you were of such a disposition it’s hard to dismiss any band that have a song called ‘Let’s Kiss And Listen To Bis’? An impossible job really but Mikrofisch’s cause is further aided by the fact that their music is quite fetching. Ok, it may sound like it was recorded in damp pantry but the sentiments and sense of wayward melody are hard to resist. Silvi Wersi and Mawe N. Klave live in different countries but when their paths collide out come the casio’s, broken down drum machines and a set of voices not heard since Manda Rin and Sci-fi Steven turned older. ‘(No One Listens To You When You’ve Got) Flat Hair’ has natural appeal as its sturdy bass line forms a spine from where all manner of giddy escapades rally around. The chorus is pretty non-descript but the rampant indiscipline in the music is somehow joyously appealing. Not quite masters of the universe just yet but they have the time and the inclination on their side. KD

Mikrofisch – Let’s Kiss And Listen To Bis

Mikrofisch – (No One Listens To You When You’ve Got) Flat Hair

More Info: Official & Myspace
Free Songs: Mikrofisch
Year: 2007

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