Parenthetical Girls – Do You Fear What I Fear?

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Can’t imagine my Mam ever asking me to stick on that lovely Christmas tune by the Parenthetical Girls. This band are a logistical nightmare, spell their name, I can’t even pronounce it. Never afraid to be subversive or in the least bit shy in broaching semi taboo topics the Parenthetical Girls manage to cloak their lyrics in childlike musical arrangements that rely heavily on the dreamy glockenspiel. ‘Do You Fear What I Fear’ (ha ha) is one of a clutch of free Christmas tracks on the bands website. Much like Sufjan Stevens love affair with the season PG have been built their stock up over a number of years. Never less than weirdly experimental ‘Do You Fear What I Fear?’ has a joyful side that only materialises after several visits. PG (more a 15 cert I’d say) are closely connected to arch experimentalists Xiu Xiu (via Jamie Stewart) but provide a much softer sound to their near impenetrable cousins. KD

Parenthetical Girls – Do You Fear What I Fear?

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Year: 2006

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