Super Extra Bonus Party – Propeller

Probably the one thing I will take from 2007 was that the more enjoyable albums of the year were the ones that pushed the boat out a little. Or a lot in the case of Super Extra Bonus Party whose self-titled debut album featured so many styles it was hard to know what clothes to wear when listening to it. With my narrow mindset I generally kept to the stuff that stuck to the indie handbook, which left me with 2 absolute belters. I’ve already waxed about ‘Softly’ but I couldn’t let the year close without mentioning this super absorbent instrumental from the Kildare collective. Just listening to it makes me happy and sad all at the same time. I love jangling guitars you see and when they are pulled off with a raging honesty it really is a thing of beauty. In football parlance it’s the sight of Barcelona making a 22 pass move that ends up with Lionel Messi executing an overhead kick into the top corner. Gooooaaaaaallll. KD

Super Extra Bonus Party – Propeller

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Year: 2007

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