The Raveonettes – Dead Sound

The Raveonettes are a duo from Copenhagen who released their 4th album ‘Lust, Lust, Lust’ last month. Image wise they are a marketing dept’s dream ticket; indie chic and good looks always help the cause and if it’s backed up with some nifty musical goods then limousine time will surely ensue. Sharin Foo and Sune Rose Wagner don’t tend to get too caught up in the dynamics (there’s no live bass or drums on the new album), instead they focus their efforts on constantly reinventing their Jesus and Mary Chain meets Lush sound. This means that each new album brings a bright new fuzz laden spectacle like ‘Dead Sound’. Foo’s shimmering vocals are in marked contrast to the blazing chords with only the periodic electronic tingles providing a snatch of quiet solace. This is undoubtedly cool by numbers but that doesn’t stop it from figuring amongst the songs of the year. KD

The Raveonettes – Dead Sound

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Year: 2007

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