Angel Pier – Make

These days when someone asks me to recommend a band that are worth investigating I normally draw a blank. This is only a recent phenomenon though as before starting this blog I could talk for Ireland about my favourite new band. Listening to so much music every day has a diluting effect, somehow you just lose sight of the wood and favourites tend to get lost in dizzyingly long list. Minutes pass and the fog clears and I normally can come up with a handful of bands that deserve attention. One of them is Dublin band Angel Pier who are about to release their second EP. Their debut EP ‘Bullet Holes & Broken Sectors’ was a dazzling affair with universally strong tracks and a classic in waiting called ‘Sprites’ that coaxed raw emotion through a combination of Darragh Nolan’s shimmering vocals and a heartbreaking set of cascading instrumentation. The forthcoming ‘Sacrifice’ EP is the follow up and although it is not as immediately digestible as its predecessor it shows no less promise with 4 songs that mature beautifully once they are given time to reveal themselves (proving that much like their contemporaries Delorentos, Angel Pier are in love with detail). My favourite is ‘Make’, an intricate affair that swoops and soars like an ecstatic swallow that has just had a wing mended. The percussion on this one is particularly impressive as are Nolan’s shapeshifting vocals. Angel Pier are my tip for 2008. KD

Angel Pier – Make

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Year: 2008

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