Battles – Atlas

Sometimes I am a little slow off the mark, worryingly so in some cases. You can’t imagine how many times I read about the majesty of this song and the glorious brand of ‘Math Rock’ (‘Maths Rock’ anyone?) as espoused by its makers Battles only to find out on several exhaustive listening sessions that I hated the blasted thing. Then a curious thing occurred (the self same bolt of light that occurred in a record shop in Galway over 15 years ago when they played ‘Smells Like Theme Spirit’ loudly) as I watched the New Yorkers perform the song on Later! with Jools Holland. As I lay in bed half comatose with several disapproving and aggressive kicks from the other side it suddenly clicked. See for yourself via the link below. Never again shall I scoff at Tyondai Braxton’s moogerfoogering around, this is genius. With Battles on this sort of form they can take on the world. Now if only Simon Cowell would take note. KD

Battles – Atlas

Watch The Jools Holland Performance

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Year: 2007

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