Bell Orchestre – Les Lumieres Pt. 1

Wohoo, great news this morning as Bell Orchestre are recording a new album. Similar yelps of joy should also be coming from others who have heard their masterful ‘Recording a Tape the Colour of the Light’ which came out 3 long years ago. This is the band Bach would have put together if he had known what was to follow in his path. Bell Orchestre never resort to words though, their rolling herds of sonic invention are based purely on their interaction with a wide array of instruments. Success in other arenas (some of them play in the Arcade Fire) it seems has taken its toll on the time that can be given to Bell Orchestre. But now at least we have some evidence that something is in the (reed) pipeline. Let’s hope the new material can trigger sweet emotions like ‘The Upwards March‘ and ‘Les Lumieres Pt. 1’ do. KD

Bell Orchestre – Les Lumieres Pt. 1

Watch The Video To Throw It On A Fire

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Year: 2005

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