Collections Of Colonies Of Bees – Flocks III

The year may be still in its infancy but there is already a tune from 2008 that we can champion. Collections Of Colonies Of Bees may have started out as a side project for Pele’s Jon Mueller and Chris Rosenau but a decade on only one band remains. A wise choice too it seems as their new album ‘Birds’ has bred this 11 minutes of exotic sonic intrigue. You probably know by now that post rock is a genre that does the strangest of things to me. Imagine a piece of music without words moving a grown man to tears, well when the likes of Explosions In The Sky hit their stride I often need to sit down. ‘Flocks III’ is in the same category as it boasts that indefinable quality that can change your humour. Boasting the power and marching into war qualities of Godspeed’s ‘Storm’ this song will surely blossom on stage but even without the pulsing amps it will drill unsteadying yet curiously uplifting emotions through your psyche. Evidence if it were needed of the power of music. KD

Collections Of Colonies Of Bees – Flocks III

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Year: 2008

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