Moose – Last Night I Fell Again

I’ve probably said it here before but my favourite era for music was 1989 to 1993. Madchester, shoegaze, grunge, dreampop and early Britpop were all represented in that golden era. So from to time I like to look back and bask in a forgotten gem. This time it is London band Moose who recorded a trio of revered EP’s on Verve’s label Hut Records. Their sound (they still haven’t officially broken up and released an album ‘High Ball Me!’ as late as 2000) on those EP’s was very much of the time and is probably what they will be best remembered for. Take ‘Last Night I Fell Again’ as a prime example with Russell Yates soft vocals competing with the ragged yet statuesque blaze of chords. In the bands early days Yates was known for staring at a lyric sheet that had been taped to the stage floor which was in part responsible for the coining of the shoegaze term. ‘Last Night I Fell Again’ is a reminder of how great that scene was and why over a decade later it continues to inspire a raft of contemporary artists (Peter Bjorn and John, Mew, South Ambulance, Film School). KD

Moose – Last Night I Fell Again

Watch The Video To Little Bird

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Year: 1991

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  1. Hector Savage
    January 1, 2008

    Their debut album, <>…XYZ<>, was a lost gem from that era. Produced by Mitch Easter of all folks, it pretty much abandoned the shoegazer sound for the most part. Had a killer single on there called “Little Bird.” Inexplicably, it was deleted at soon as it came out and they were dropped immediately.

  2. January 1, 2008

    Thanks Hector, there is a link to the video for ‘Little Bird’ in the main post.

  3. January 2, 2008

    i think …xyz is my favorite. it was wrongly labeled ‘country’ by either the nme or melody maker, that pretty much was the death nell for the album.

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