Stars of Stage and Screen – Evergreen

Forget about Noel Gallagher’s band recommendations, they are usually not much cop (I mean Cast for gawds sake). Billy Corgan though is another prospect altogether if his spotlight in the direction of Brooklyn’s Stars of Stage and Screen is anything to go by. The elegantly named twosome of Daughtry Carstarphen and Timothy Roven have 2 LP’s as Stars of Stage and Screen but their careers can be traced back to the early 90’s. Roven even found time along the way to record some music with Paul of A-ha and his band Savoy. His latest project harks back to the fuzzy chords and haunting melodies of the shoegaze movement. For this ambition Carstarphen’s vocals are particularly suited, applying ethereal with a lasting gravitas. ‘Evergreen’ is from the duo’s 2005 album ‘American Oddity’ and reveals itself as a nice Joy Zippery companion piece. KD

Stars of Stage and Screen – Evergreen

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Year: 2005

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