The Lionheart Brothers – Hero Anthem

There are no siblings and they aren’t particularly brave but the Lionheart Brothers could soon become the pop kings of 2008. They boast 2 ex-members from Serena Maneesh so the omens were looking pretty good when I pressed play on ‘Hero Anthem’ from their debut album ‘Dizzy Kiss’ (which came out in Norway last year but is only going Europe wide at the end of the month). The reality was even better as they came off like the best thing the Mock Turtles never recorded. Marcus Forsgren is the vocal spit of Martin Coogan and the twisted psychedelia, which wraps itself round his words, could easily have come from the early nineties or the late sixties. The Lionheart Brothers have a swell set of influences that run the gambit from the Beach Boys to My Bloody Valentine so their potential audience is vast, discerning and about to be smooched by a swirling masterpiece in ‘Dizzy Kiss’. I’m sure you’ll dig it. KD

The Lionheart Brothers – Hero Anthem

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Year: 2008

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